Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck & Guidebook

Every single human being is searching for meaning, belonging, peace, love and joy in their lives. 

The Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck and accompanying guidebook feature 44 powerful Soulflowers who wish to help you remember the simple truth that all of Nature is sharing—that we are cyclical beings intimately entwined with the Earth and all of life, that we are fully supported, and that we have everything we need within to be happy, and to be whole, despite the hardships and challenges life may bring us.

The Soulflower Plant Spirits want us to consider the possibility that our stories, our experiences, our circumstances, our core beliefs, values and morals all provide the rich soil for the beautiful unfolding of our own unique lives. It is food for our thoughts, inspiration for self-reflection and fertilizer for our highest personal growth.

Build your relationship with Nature and the Soulflower Plant Spirits to help remember the truth of who you are and your interconnection with all life.

🌸  This set includes 44 gorgeous, high vibration hand-painted plant spirit art oracle cards (3.5"x5.5") with flower wisdom on every card along with an in-depth 175 page guide book all packaged in a sturdy box with magnetic closure.

🌸 Inspiration for establishing a daily, sustainable self-care practice with an optional supportive online commUNITY to explore further.  

🌸  Helps build trust in your inherent ability to navigate the ups and downs of life instead of feeling lost and searching for guidance and direction from external sources.

🌸  The Soulflowers will help inspire and gently support you on your own journey of healing and self-discovery with each card carrying a seed that will connect you with your heart and your inner wisdom.

Kind words

“I just wanted to express my immense gratitude for your beautiful Soulflower Oracle cards. They are an important part of every day for me. I have always had a special love for plants, but had not considered that they might love me back! The wisdom they share, through your gorgeous cards, has been so inspirational for me. Thank you for your creativity, your wisdom, and your generosity in sharing your beautiful gifts!”—T.D.

“I just received my deck and I want to express my deep appreciation for the creative and soulful way you have found to be with the plants and share their healing and companionship with the world. Bravo! Just wonderful.”—K.D.

“Your work and the community you have created through your work has been very meaningful to me in my journey of searching and healing. It has helped me to more fully uncover (and to feel brave to share) my authentic self and my connection with our precious Mother Earth in a way that has been so deeply healing and expanding for my soul. For that I thank you and am so grateful that you show up for your authentic self and share it with others. I truly believe that together as a global community we CAN do this; together we CAN support and encourage each other in a re-awakening to become once again peoples of the Earth, alongside (not in dominion over) all beautiful beings from the wind to the winged and everything in between. ❤️” —M.K. 

“Thank you for my happy post which arrived safely this morning. I just wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful deck. What struck me first apart from the amazing art was the feeling, the intention of purity and peace. It also felt as I tuned into each card that they each have a unique vibration and energy.  I'm a little in awe of these beauties. Sending you love and angel blessings.” —C.I.

“I am loving the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle! 💖 I went all in, the daily journal, the temporary tattoos (I got dandelion and hawthorn-how could I resist, so fun!!😆) and it has become an important little self care ritual to draw a card each day, lodge it on my sink ledge in the kitchen and engage/reflect on a plant spirit...often while doing the dishes...(my gawd, these dishes and the time spent doing them you know?! Neverending.) The kids often pick a card too and they make great conversation starters and connectors for them as well. If you love plants and are thinking of gifting yourself something (yes, always gift yourself something!!!) You may want to consider... these have certainly added brightness to my day💛💛—@bluedogfamilyfarm


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