Intention Setting Tattoos


We are more than just physical bodies, and plant spirit energetic medicine works directly with our spiritual and emotional bodies. It speaks directly to our hearts and souls. These temporary tattoos will enable you to create your own sacred ceremony to support your healing intentions, help you to connect to your wisdom within and offer you a way to catalyze plant spirit wisdom into real personal growth and understanding.  

I use them as a daily reminder, because it’s so easy to forget our heartfelt intentions amidst our busy lives.

Stop. Take a breath. Connect in. Ask. Then apply the temporary tattoo somewhere where you can see it, or feel it, to remind yourself of your hearts desires in any situation.

Each packet includes 3 tattoos of the same design, the plant spirit message, an affirmation, and is an invitation for you to create your own sacred ceremony as you apply the tattoo, which will deepen your connection to the flowers, to all of Nature, and to yourself.