Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck


You’re a seeker. Like me, you know, someplace deep in your bones that as we heal ourselves, as we each remember ourselves whole, we will heal the Earth.

My work does not offer quick fixes or certain outcomes for me or anyone else. Remembering ourselves whole, bringing to light and shedding the pieces that we are not, is a spiral journey, a daily practice where we come to deeper and deeper levels of understanding of ourselves, our lives and the Earth we live on. Some cycles flow and feel joyful and others...well, not so much. This is a never ending process, it is heart work, and it is not something that anyone else can do for us. 

From the very beginning, Soulflower has been a journey of learning to TRUST my internal guidance and follow my heart. It's gentle growth and unfolding has been slow and steady, like all the plants and flowers, the seasons of the Earth and cycles of the Moon that capture my heart and soul on a daily basis. 

I know that happiness is a constant work in progress. It is a state of being, a choice, not an end reward. There is no finish line. And I know deeply that this is the gift of life itself. To discover over and over that the source of true happiness, true love and true peace comes from within. 

From this understanding, everything that I create and offer to you humbly carries with it the heartfelt intention to support you in cultivating your own bio-individual, life-honoring practice towards remembering yourself whole, Divine, and as the beautiful flower that you are—perfectly imperfect and an example of the very nature of love itself.