Chamomile (Stability) Temporary Tattoo

Chamomile essence is that of STABILITY and reminds you that even when you are faced with challenges and difficulties, your soul’s warmth, serenity and equanimity is always present within.

These temporary tattoos enable you to create your own personal intention setting ceremony to catalyze a plant spirit's healing message into real personal growth and understanding.  Each pack contains three 2-inch tattoos, the plant spirit message, a suggested affirmation to use as you apply, and an invitation as you do so to invite the plants healing energies into your life.

Chamomile Plant Spirit Message

Even on a cloudy day, the sun is shining; it is just obscured. Chamomile reminds you that even when faced with challenges and difficulties, your soul’s warmth, serenity, and equanimity is always present within, soothing and calming, helping you to weather any storm in a relaxed, harmonious state.

Affirmation: With every breath I inhale peace and exhale worry. This too shall pass.


Temporary tattoos are printed with NON-TOXIC inks that meet or exceed all US, EU and Canadian standards for cosmetic products. Properly applied they should last anywhere from 3-7 days. Place them on clean dry skin, avoiding areas with natural creases (e.g. inner wrists) or hair, for the best results. Longevity is improved by using a little moisturizer on them once or twice a day. Should you want to remove them, gentle scrubbing with soap and water should do the trick.


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