About Me



My name is Lisa Estabrook. I am a human being, a mother, a way shower, an artist, a writer and an obsessive gardener. I have spent the last 30 years working in my gardens, tending and talking to the flowers and plants that grow there.

I love learning about the plants, not just from books or classes, but directly from my connection and relationships with them.

While my life goes through many ups and downs, as its does for us all, it is in the garden, in Nature, that I find solace and healing. And it is there that I have learned to have a deep trust and confidence in my ability to be well and prosper.

I believe Spirit, or energy, is in all things. It flows through every atom that makes up our world. Every human, plant, animal, rock, river and insect is infused with Spirit’s living energy. It is the infinite source of all consciousness and it connects us all as one. I may not be able to see it, but I know this universal energy as truth. I believe this with all my heart, just as I believe in germs and atoms that I cannot perceive but I know exist. In my journey toward health and self-discovery I have found, through my gardening and art, that I am drawn to the plants and flowers that will best support my journey.

Life is a journey that engages the whole of our being—the mind, body and soul—in a spiraling process as we move through life, hopefully reaching deeper and deeper levels of understanding and self-awareness.

Our physical being is intricately linked to the reality of our inner world. Disease and illness is often a manifestation, or reflection, of emotional and spiritual misalignment as well as physical circumstances and environment. What we think on a conscious or unconscious level is reflected not only in our bodies but in the world around us.

While science and modern medicine may offer a cure for the body—true healing is more than fixing a physical ailment. True healing of the whole self can only take place when we accept responsibility for our own healing journeys and recognize the parts our minds, emotions, habits and behaviors contribute to our well being.


Plant Spirits

Just as our spirit, our soul, provides the blueprint for our own lives, I believe each plant has it’s own unique personality, it’s own plant spirit, or deva, that provides the blueprint for it’s life. How and where it will grow, it’s nutritional and medicinal properties, and healing energies are all part of the blueprint.

The healing energy of each plant embodies specific soul qualities, or universal spiritual truths, that are present in each one of us, like small seeds, dormant and waiting for the right conditions to sprout and grow. Remembering our selves as the Earth, as Nature, we begin to recognize and actualize these seeds as part of our soul’s journey.

Art also has its own energy. When I am painting I respectfully call on the plant spirits to help me represent them through the energy of the painting itself. This is the power of art. For me, having that art in my life is a gentle, and constant daily reminder of the healing energy of the plant and the soul qualities that I may be working on or want to work on.

My intention then, through my art, is to share the healing wisdom of the plants that so graciously support us and all life on this planet. That perhaps, the beautiful plants and flowers I paint and the soul messages they provide, will spark or support your healing journey, as it has mine, and that in turn contributes to the health and well-being of us all.

As you get to know them, I know each plant will become a special friend and ally on your own personal journey of self-discovery.

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