Like a star illuminating your way, Aster helps to provide clarity and focus so that you can discover appropriate channels of communication and self-expression without anxiety and self-consciousness. Aster helps you to manifest your creative ideas, translating inspiration into physical form.

Aster illuminates what literally lights us up. She wants to remind us that the key to uninhibited, creative expression, no matter what kind, is accessed through the energy of play.

It is an extraordinarily difficult task to change one’s mindset around what is work (hard) and what is play (joyful and easy) and whether or not they can be combined. But Aster says that play is not the end reward for all your hard work—it is your work!

Aster is not just illuminating the way for you to grow, she is reminding you how. Helping you to gain clarity and focus on how you want to be in this world and how you want to reconnect with, grow, explore and rediscover this playful side of yourself that wants to see the light of day. And all in perfect timing of course!

Consider: What do you LOVE doing?

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