Black-Eyed Susan (RECOGNITION)


Sometimes it is easier to bury hurt feelings and difficult emotions. Black-Eyed Susan gently helps you to wake up and recognize all aspects of yourself, even those you deem ugly or unworthy. Even your deepest, darkest truths need to be shown the light of love and honored as part of your human experience.

Black-Eyed Susan shines her light of recognition onto all those aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden, but that unconsciously inform so much of our day -to-day reality—our shadow selves.

It is not easy work, but a huge part of our personal and spiritual growth is tied up in shadow work. After all, how are we to love ourselves fully if we can’t love all of ourselves? Bringing to light what has been hidden allows it to be recognized and understood and honored as an important part of our individual human experience.

Consider: What needs to be brought into the light so that you may love yourself fully?

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