Bleeding Heart (INDEPENDENCE)


Bleeding Heart helps you to recognize and strengthen the true source of your hearts power. It is impossible to sustain directing all your loving energy to external sources, or equally to rely on external sources to sustain you. Fill your strong, independent heart from within, so that you may offer love even when brokenhearted.

The message Bleeding Heart shares with us is that the true source of our heart’s strength always comes from within. There is no person, place, amount of money, or thing that can truly fill our hearts. Love and happiness is an inside job,100 percent! It is not a goal. It is a state of being.

We lose heart strength by searching outside of ourselves for validation, and allowing other people’s opinions to form the basis of our self-worth. This is not a conscious process as it is deeply ingrained in our culture yet so many of us unwittingly perpetuate this destructive myth.

With a strong independent heart we can release our dependency and our complacency. We can voice our pain, our anger, without causing more of the same. When our hearts are filled with love and happiness from within, this energy can’t help but flow out into the world, lighting it up and raising the vibration for all.

Consider: What do you love about yourself?

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