Sweet Borage encourages playfulness and spontaneity to help uplift your spirits when you are feeling disheartened and blue. Borage will help you to rise above sorrow and depression, and instill fresh courage, enthusiasm, and confidence in your ability to move through lifes obstacles.

Tuning into the news every day gives us a bleak outlook of our world and it is not hard to get dragged down into the quagmire of unproductive, hopeless and fearful thinking. Borage, however, is reminding us that reality is simply a reflection of our inner landscape, both good and bad.

Can you see the life-giving rays of the sun streaming through your windows or do you focus on the dust that, previously hidden, is now apparent and plentiful everywhere? Perhaps you can see both? We can ignore the dust of course, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

We know sorrow and pain and depression are not imaginary. We are sentient beings and we are meant to feel it all, the dark and the light. And in recognizing this truth, also know that we have the strength and power to handle it—move through it and rejoice in the warmth of the sun. The dust is still there but we are no longer slave to it.

Consider: What does a perfect day look like?

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