Our thoughts and words have great creative power, both positive and negative, for ourselves and others. Calendula helps soothe your thoughts and words with warmth and compassion and understanding, so that there is a balance between assertiveness and receptiveness in communication with others.

Energetically, Calendula is soothing. She reminds us to pay attention to how we use our words. Words have a lot of power and an energy all of their own, to hurt and to heal, not just other people but our own selves, too. Calendula helps soothe your thoughts and words with compassion and understanding for yourself and for others.

Effective communication from the heart is a delicate balance between assertiveness and receptiveness, speaking and listening, giving and receiving. We are all doing our best to communicate what our hearts know, but we have yet to find all the words to express it.

Consider: How do you speak to yourself?

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