Campanula (ALIGNMENT)


Campanula bells are ringing in the spirit of abundance from the limitless universal source, helping you align your thoughts, words, and actions with your true self, which knows no limitations. Focus on all you have achieved, instead of dwelling on all there is yet to do. Be well, be happy.

Growth is something that the plant world does really well. If the conditions are right and all the plant’s needs are met then it will flourish and grow and align with its full expression. Some days are harder than others. Some days things don’t go according to plan. Growth is like that.

Campanula steps in when you are stumbling and closing up, and you can feel the storm clouds gathering. When you are feeling like you are spinning your wheels or are overwhelmed by thinking of all the work you have to do. 

Do not doubt your ability to grow through every challenge by making every small action, every single word and even every thought be your greatest and most loving choice for yourself, and ultimately, all others.

Consider: What will you choose today?

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