Chickweed (TOLERANCE)


Chickweed is tough and knows her power. She knows how to shine, despite challenges and tough circumstances. When you need to make a difficult decision, Chickweed will help strengthen your self-confidence and understanding, so you can tap into your own inner wisdom with grace and compassion.

Tolerance can be a somewhat confusing concept. On the one hand it is defined as the capacity and inner strength to endure, and even overcome adversity. But it is also defined as the ability or willingness to put up with something that you may not agree with.

Of course life itself and the lessons of nature aren’t always simple, easily digestible tidbits. They are more like long, thoughtful conversations that invite you to take a deep dive into your self, your life, your stories and your beliefs.

Tolerance then is partly about learning effective coping and coexisting skills and the ability to persevere even when things might not necessarily be going your way. But the challenge is to do so in alignment with your own heart’s truth and your inner wisdom, with grace, understanding and compassion for all. Love, not fear. And this is a lifetime’s work for sure!

Consider: What untruth have you become tolerant of?

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