Columbine (ABUNDANCE)


Columbine encourages you to joyfully embrace lifes bewildering array of uncertainties with the kind of confidence that doesnt require too much thought. Go with the flow, with what feels right. Abundance is the knowledge and security that comes with the acceptance that all of your needs are being met. 

We are currently living in a culture based on lack, scarcity and competition. From early on we learn that there are not enough resources for all. There is not enough time, not enough money, not enough love, not enough freedom, not enough happiness—whatever it is—there certainly is not enough of it!

Instead Columbine wants each of us to become aware that all of our experiences, however we judge them, have medicine in them for our own unique journey as well as the collective experience.

With practice we can change our mindset and embrace the faith, hope and courage it takes to realize that we are not victims of our crazy reality. Instead we are co-creating the experiences needed to heal, to become whole, and to remember who we truly are.

Consider: What are you grateful for today?

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