Crocus (OPENING)


Tender Crocus is one of the first flowers to appear in the spring. She is gently reminding you to be open to the beauty and softness of the world, even though it may seem harsh and inhospitable at times. Trust in the process. Open and accept the possibility that there is love and magic surrounding you always.

Growing up, many of us are told “life is hard, and then you die.” We are fed a steady diet of fear and distrust. There are germs (and strangers) at every turn, waiting to take advantage of us.

Crocus is gently reminding us that we all have the power to choose to open our minds and our hearts to the beauty and softness of the world instead of focusing on the fear and negativity.

Her energy is very much about trust—childlike trust that you are held and are being taken care of. Trust the process, and open your mind and your heart to all the love and magic that—even if you can’t always see it—is surrounding and holding you always.

Consider: Look closer, what do you really see?

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