Echinacea stimulates and awakens your consciousness, helping break up and release outdated personal stories, emotions, and attachments that are holding you back from positive growth and self-realization, and awakening awareness of your true self when you have forgotten or lost connection.

We are amazing, multifaceted, complex creatures, and personal growth—change—is a dynamic process that is not necessarily logical to understand. Fear and pain feed our natural impulse to cling to the familiar stories and aspects of ourselves. To expand and grow, it is necessary to sort out the parts of ourselves, defined by our egos that keep us small or unable to embrace growth and new potential.

How can we possibly recognize and reach our full potential if we are weighed down and defined simply by our status or careers, our physical bodies or personality traits, our productivity or noteworthy achievements? How can we ever be “happy” if we keep masking and ignoring our truth and striving for some external notion of success?

Instead we can try to think of how we can support our amazing bodies and understand that they are the perfect tool for helping us access and become aware of which stories need to be revisited or retired. There is so much wisdom in your symptoms!

Consider: What are you?

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