Hawthorn (COURAGE)


Hawthorn is medicine for the heart on all levels, helping you to find the courage to face and overcome your fears and facilitating self-love and self-acceptance. Hawthorn supports a strong and protected open-hearted state, allowing you to fully give and receive love, so that you can truly come into your own divine strength and power.

Growth, and life itself, is a process, and allowing our hearts to lead the way won’t eliminate our fears, but it will transform them. Having the courage to open and follow our hearts allows us to act on our intuitive impulses—our messages direct from Source—as we receive them. This is heart inspired action that will never lead us astray.

Our inner, and outer, worlds are often filled with fear, judgment, scarcity, anger and pain, all of which have the crippling power to close our hearts and our minds to our Divine connection as a form of self-preservation.

Hawthorn is asking you to recognize and face your fears head-on, so that you can move through them. It is perhaps one of the most sacred acts to be scared and yet follow your heart anyway. When you take inspired action led by your open heart and your inner knowing, you are allowing Source energy to flow through you out into the world.

Consider: What are you avoiding?

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