Hellebore wants you to know how powerful you truly are and to help you tap into your innate feminine wisdom. You know what you need to do. It is time to honor yourself, stop hiding, and stand in your own magnificent light with your head held high. Give yourself permission to connect with your heart and lead the way.

Hellebore exudes deeply feminine energy. She shares her grace and power, and radiates a deep inner knowing, a wisdom that transcends physical time and space. When your heart connects with Hellebore you will feel a deep connection to yourself as a child, as a mother, and as an old woman all at the same time.

Hellebore helps you to remember your feminine body is the beloved Earth herself, and every cell of your body is a direct connection to the wisdom of the Earth. So that even if it is scary and the road is not clear, you know that you can feel into each and every step of your journey, fully embrace the potential of your life and move forward, confidently in the direction your heart and soul leads you. Divine. Empowered. You know what to do.

Consider: What pieces of your soul are you remembering?

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