We are all affected by our environment. Hydrangea reminds you to reclaim your power through the transmuting of emotions and releasing of victimization. You not only have the ability to overcome perceived obstacles, you can extinguish them by realizing you can move through them. 

The color of Hydrangea’s flowers are dependent on the acidity of the soil in which they grow. In an acid soil they bloom blue and in an alkaline soil, pink. Either way, they do not remain that color. During the course of their bloom period they transmute through many shades, from blues to purples, greens and pinks, until they settle into the soft, warm brown of fall.

Like life itself, we transition through many versions of ourselves. This is the nature of growth! This is alchemy—real magic! Hydrangea reminds us that we hold the power to move through and to create our life experiences, by releasing the notion that we are victims of our circumstances.

Hydrangea says, “Be the guardian of the sacred seed that is your soul. It only knows how to grow, how to bloom, and how to become itself. You can stunt it but you can’t prevent it from growing. Be the guardian of your sacred soul and watch it bloom.”

Consider: What personal challenges have you moved through?

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