Iris encourages you to cultivate the beauty within, so you can better create and express it in the world around you. Her deeply restorative energy helps revitalize your connection to divine guidance, helping you to discover your true passions and allowing inspiration and creativity to flow.

Every second, every minute, of every day we are creating. Our whole lives are in fact magnificent works of art that we create through our dreams and desires, our thoughts and prayers, our words and our actions.

Iris wants you to look within to discover what lights you up, to discover that Divine spark of inspiration that is yours to manifest and express in whatever way feels good.

Inspiration may strike at any time, and when it is aligned with who you are, you can be sure you will know it. It feels so good on every level. Effortless flow. Thoughts, words and actions aligned whatever you are creating.

Consider: What is it that you want to create in this world?

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