Lady's Mantle (NURTURANCE)


Like being held in your mothers arms, Ladys Mantle brings feelings of gentle reassurance and joyful contentment to your body, mind, and soul, especially during times of upheaval and change. Know that you are loved and fully supported in all ways. You have all the inner resources you need to be happy and whole.

Our imaginations have the power to change our perspectives and ultimately our experience of the world in an impressive way. We all can create our big, beautiful dreams through first imagining their possibility and then birthing them into our physical reality by nurturing the vessel that is carrying them.

Lady’s Mantle energy brings feelings of gentle reassurance, like a mother’s soft voice saying, “You’ve got this.” Through the power of your imagination, allow her love and strength to envelop you, like you are wrapping yourself in a soft, deep green velvet mantle, which keeps you safe, warm and dry.

Consider: What do you imagine in your wildest dreams?

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