Lady's Slipper (CONNECTION)


When you are feeling weary, exhausted, and disconnected from your earthly pursuits, Ladys Slipper can help to restore your souls connection to your physical body. She will help infuse your daily life with guidance and intuition directly from the divine source so that you can fully enjoy and participate in life, inhabit and explore your sensual body, and walk the path your soul intends.

No matter what our life circumstances and challenges are, we all know exactly what it means to suffer. And this is further compounded by the fact that in our world our everyday reality is based on the illusion of separateness. From birth, we are in competition for resources, for recognition and in pursuit of the elusive concept of happiness.

Lady’s Slipper helps you to remember and strengthen your connection to All That Is. She helps you remember your higher self, your own wisdom, and built-in support system that is always available to you, always connected to you, always guiding you. We are spirit AND we are body, and your soul knows exactly what to do.

Consider: When do you feel disconnected?

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