Lavenders restorative and purifying energy and aroma calms and uplifts your mind and body, easing feelings of stress and agitation from your earthly distractions and rejuvenating your soul so that you can truly feel and radiate inner peace and harmony.

We are living in a world that is suffering as a whole from chronic stress and fatigue. We are burning our candles at both ends and then wondering why we are sick and tired, and why we have no energy? Even when we are “resting” our minds are active—planning, rehashing, worrying and stressing. So it is no wonder that aromatic Lavender is one of the most common, most prevalent, fragrances on the market. She knows what we need!

Lavender brings your attention inward to remind you that allowing yourself, gifting yourself, periods of deep, restorative rest is the only thing that will fuel productive action later on. This is the wisdom of Lavender, the wisdom of the cycles of Nature and the wisdom that you are born with and know deep within your heart and with every fiber of your being—if you would only allow yourself some time to rest.

Consider: What soothes your soul?

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