Milk Thistle (FORGIVENESS)


Life has taught you to protect yourself, but sometimes you end up hurting yourself. Milk Thistle helps you to let go, through the power of forgiveness of all the self-imposed restrictions and defensive armor that are making it hard for you to open and receive all the love and abundance the Universe has flowing toward you.

So often when we think of forgiveness, we think of forgiving others—those difficult people in our lives, those relationships and experiences that have hurt us and have found a way to lodge in our deepest, most vulnerable places. It is a heavy, painful, dark and lonely burden.

Milk Thistle is asking us to examine how we channel and process our strong feelings, not just towards others, but towards ourselves too, so that we don’t create, store and perpetuate lasting pain.

Forgiveness of our humanity, our fragile, beautiful, brutal humanity, is perhaps the only way to embrace true compassion and love for others and ourselves. Forgiveness is not really something that is done once and then it’s over. It is truly a practice and something that needs to be repeated over and over and over again.

Consider: What is causing you great pain?

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