There is a rhythm and balance to all life, a dance between physical reality and the spiritual world. Mugwort opens and expands your consciousness to embrace all that you are—light and dark, body and spirit—helping you to integrate all aspects of your multidimensional consciousness into your everyday practical life.

Mugwort is such a mysterious plant. She speaks in symbols and metaphors, dancing between everyday easily understandable ideas and dreamlike perplexity. She is loving, yet standoffish. Supportive, yet asks you to figure things out for yourself, to discover your own truth. She is divinely feminine, ancient and wise, dark and secretive.

Darkness is quiet. Darkness is vast and deep, soothing, nurturing and profoundly healing. From the darkness, from the depths, all life is born. Dark is magic. Dark holds the mystery.

In the dark you have to feel your way. You just have to trust. So in the dance that is life, you have to feel the rhythm, sense the moves, deep in your bones and move intuitively from your heart, from the depth of your being, while simultaneously surrendering to the mystery of it all. Mugwort asks you to close your eyes so you can feel your dance while also dreaming it into reality.

Consider: How is the dark nourishing for you?

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