Nasturtium (VITALITY)


Spicy, sensual Nasturtium encourages your spiritual and thinking self to come into balance with earthly, physical reality. She brings warmth and vitality into the practical experience of your daily life, motivating you into action, as opposed to just thinking about it. No more procrastinating! 

The word vitality comes from the Latin vita which means “life.” Nasturtium is speaking to our life force, our health, our ability to live, to thrive, and our desire to pursue those actions in life that support within us a profound sense of well being.

There is only one of you on this planet. You are here to create and fully experience yourself and your amazing life. Only you can do what you have come here to do. And it is your vital life-force energy that literally moves you in the direction of your soul’s purpose.

Nasturtium speaks of our spiritual, thinking self coming into balance with our physical reality, since often there is a big gap between the reality in our heads and what we are actually experiencing. She says, “What is one small thing you can actually do now, today, to connect to your heart?” Baby steps! Slowly, deliberately, put one foot in front of the other in the direction of your biggest dreams.

Consider: What is ONE SMALL THING you can do today that makes your heart sing?

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