Allow Pansy to instill a sense of stability and safety in your heart and to release fear and anxiety. Ease into an understanding of your own hearts deepest truth. This flower is often called Heartsease Pansy, since only with a direct connection and resonance with your heart will you know which path leads to joyful fulfillment. 

We may be eternal beings but our current embodiment in physical reality is brief. Far too short to spend time living in fear, negotiating what-ifs, and worrying about what has gone before or is still to come. Too short for all those excuses we create that prevent us from actually doing the things we love—not just in our work but in our everyday lives, too.

Releasing fear and anxiety in practice is not easy. We are adults, after all. We have important adult duties: bills to be paid, chores to be done, responsibilities to show up for. 

And while we are busy with all our adulting, our children grow up, opportunities come and go, and connections drift away from lack of attention. Heartsease Pansy is reminding us that we are safe, that we are supported and that we can trust the whispers of our hearts to guide us.

Consider: What is your heart telling you?

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