Plumbago connects you with the depths of your psyche and assists with your understanding of your shadow side. It is understanding that allows you to practice self-compassion and forgiveness and release feelings of shame, blame, guilt, and self-judgment that may hold power over you and prevent your growth.

Are you afraid to show the world your true self? Are you hiding behind emotional and metaphorical structures, labels, and programming that have kept you safe and contained, acceptable? Plumbago wants you to see through these structures, these masks, these labels and help you to understand why you created them in the first place. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between what is us and what is our mask. Eventually we forget who we truly are. And our bodies start to ache and suffer through the act, not letting up until it gets our attention...

Plumbago want us to become aware of our mask(s) and what we are hiding. Those perceived spiky, awkward, unlovable parts of ourselves that we would rather not show the world. As we find ourselves coming to deeper and deeper levels of understanding, we begin to recognize the reasons why we thought we had to hide in the first place. And that allows us to practice self-compassion, self-love and forgiveness, and soon we can retire our old masks to allow in new light, new life-force energy and new potential for growth.

Consider: What masks are you wearing?

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