Red Clover helps support a sense of clarity, individuality, and self-awareness in the midst of our chaotic and often negative world. She is a calm and steady presence, helping you to remain balanced and to think and act from your center of truth, despite whatever may be taking place around you.

Take a slow, deep breath, right into your belly, your center. Breath is an often overlooked, yet incredibly powerful tool we have as humans—true magic that you have access to at any time you need.

A simple deep breath taken all the way into your center can help reset your nervous system and bring you back into your body when feelings of overwhelm have taken over.

Your breath not only helps you become aware of all the ways in which you can get caught up in or feed the chaos, it also helps you restore connection to your center of truth so that you can stay calm and steady, stick to your ideals and your heart’s truth no matter what.

Consider: What is your truth?