Rose (JOY)


Rose is comforting and soothing, infusing your heart and soul with gratitude and joy, and helping you to stay centered and loving toward yourself (and others) when it is needed most. Rose reminds you to be open to the sweetness of life and supports your personal growth, whatever the conditions surrounding you may be.

Rose reminds us how sweet life is. How delicate and soft, fleeting and precious it is. And also how hard it can be given the human propensity to suffer. How deeply embedded are the crowns of thorns we wear in order to absolve our sins and prove our worthiness? Because surely, from the day we are born, suffering is seemingly our birthright.

Rose, however, has a very important message to soothe and comfort our wounds. She says we are not born to suffer. We are born to live in love and joy and experience the courage and strength of our hearts in times of suffering.

Allow your joy-filled heart to expand, connect and grow with every new understanding and awareness of self, so it can encompass all the experiences life throws at it with strength and courage.

Consider: What brings you the greatest joy?

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