Rosemary (CLARITY)


Who are you, really? Rosemary infuses the body with warmth and vitality, bringing security and clarity to the spirit, especially when it has lost connection with the physical world. Rosemary helps you to feel fully embodied and grounded, so that you are better able to remember who you truly are.

When you’ve had a difficult day, Rosemary invites you to relax and put your feet up, pause your worrying and mental gymnastics and be fully present in your body.

We can feel broken, disconnected and searching for something or someone to fix us, to make us feel whole. It is not simple or easy, but in order to find that sense of wholeness, that sense of peace, of belonging and connection that we are longing for, we will have to look inside.

Look within for clarity. You are the Divine in physical form and home is where the heart is—literally. There is something deeply comforting about that.

Consider: Who are you?

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