Soulflower Essences Unity Collection

 ***These kits are produced by hand mindfully and in a sacred way, so supplies will naturally ebb and flow. 

Nature shows us that on the other side of what looks like destruction is always creation. New growth is seeded in the fertile soil formed from the detritus of previous seasons. What is emerging is a story, or a journey with the Soulflowers in this collection, to provide inspiration and support for our emotional and spiritual growth as we move through our individual and collective healing journey.

The wholing journey begins with Borage, planting a seed of hope and optimism as we find ourselves feeling like everything we have ever known is collapsing.

Surrounded by chaos and uncertainty, Chamomile is soothing and comforting, reminding us of our inner serenity and warmth while we patiently wait for each storm to pass and the right conditions for our personal growth to arise.

In perfect timing, as we are ready to move through our individual expansion processes, Echinacea stimulates and helps to break up and release outdated personal stories, emotions and attachments that may be holding us back.

And growth is certainly uncomfortable! But Hawthorn is here to help us find the courage and inner strength to keep our guiding hearts open whenever our fears threaten to close us down or stunt progress.

Awakening and opening further, Nettle deeply nourishes and strengthens us to align with and speak our new awarenesses, our new understandings. And as the storm clouds of our fears dissipate, we find new strength to tackle the unhealed, neglected places in our lives that are asking for our compassion and understanding.

Slowly, slowly we unfold, we become, and Rose gently opens our hearts and minds to the love that we all are, to the sweetness of life and the light that flows through everyone and everything, even the painful experiences.

Having felt this truth move deeply through us, we remember we are far more than just flesh and blood, and Self-Heal supports us to take full responsibility for all aspects of our precious lives. Rather than helpless victims, we choose to be active participants and creators.

It's a lot! Wood Betony gently holds us as we ground and fully embody the truth of who we, our Divine nature, deep into our Earth bodies and equally begin to see it in all others.

With this embodied understanding of our interconnection with all life, Yarrow empowers us to express ourselves and our creative energy from the inside out, with a powerful and strong sense of self and healthy understanding of what nurtures and supports our continued growth and what doesn't.🌸


Borage (OPTIMISM) Borago officinalis-- Sweet Borage encourages playfulness & spontaneity to help uplift your spirits when you are feeling disheartened and blue. Borage will help you to rise above sorrow and hopelessness, and instill fresh courage, enthusiasm and confidence in your ability to move through life's obstacles. 

Chamomile (STABILITY)  Matricaria recutita -- Even on a cloudy day the sun is still shining. Chamomile reminds you that even when faced with challenges and difficulties, your soul's warmth, serenity and equanimity is always present within, soothing and calming, to help you weather any storm in a relaxed, harmonious state.

Echinacea (CONSCIOUSNESS)  Echinacea purpurea -- Echinacea stimulates & awakens your consciousness, helping break up and release outdated personal stories, emotions & attachments that are holding you back from positive growth and self-realization, & awakening awareness of your true self when you have lost connection.

Hawthorn (COURAGE)  Crataegus spp.-- Hawthorn is medicine for the heart, helping you find the courage to face and overcome your fears & facilitating self-love & self-acceptance. Hawthorn supports a strong and protected open-hearted state allowing you to fully give and receive love, so you can remember your own strength & power.

Nettle (TRANSFORMATION)  Urtica dioica -- Nettle helps you transform foggy thinking so that you can respond to prickly or heated situations by speaking up for yourself, in alignment with your truth, without harboring resentment or attachments that leave you feeling tired, congested and irritated.

Rose (JOY)  Rosa rugosa -- Rose is comforting and soothing, infusing your heart & soul with gratitude & joy so you stay centered & loving to  yourself (& others) when it is needed most. Rose reminds you to be open to the sweetness of life, & supports your personal growth whatever the conditions around you may be.

Self-Heal (RESPONSIBILITY)  Prunella vulgaris -- True healing engages the whole of your being in a spiraling process of deeper and deeper levels of understanding and self-awareness. Self Heal addresses the special connection between your soul and your body, encouraging you to take responsibility for your individual journey.

Wood Betony (GROUNDING) Stachys officinalis -- Like a loving hug, Wood Betony energy is very calming and grounding, helping you connect with your intuition & gut feelings, & strengthening your boundaries, so that you can manage relationships & responsibilities with ease & a strong sense of physical and emotional well-being.

Yarrow (BOUNDARIES)  Achillea millefolium -- Like a little umbrella or shield, Yarrow offers protection from negative energies or toxic influences. She helps you to build strong, healthy boundaries and compassionate awareness of self and others, and to avoid unnecessary energy leaks and general depletion as you evolve and grow.


In Each Bottle: Brandy† (36% by vol.), Water, Aqueous infusion of the botanical ingredient.

Suggested Use: Take 2-4 drops on the tongue or in water 4 times/day.

Safety Considerations: None.
Packaging: This collection includes nine 1/2 oz flower essence bottles set in a keepsake kraft box, accompanied by a card introducing you to the collection and each of its members.

^Certified Organic, ^^Sustainably Cultivated, **Consciously Wildcrafted, †Biodynamic *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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