The Enchantment of Flower Essences

I am so excited to invite you to share in this special collaboration
with Debbie Delany of Romany Botanicals and
hosted in the CommUNITY Garden Mighty Network.

Deepen your relationship with the enchantment and medicine offered
by the flower realm in this 3 part self guided exploration into the history,
magic and embodied practice of creating vibrational flower essences.

 It is said that plants and flowers are here to help us with our evolution.
They are the gateway to our cosmic balance and unique blooming.  

The art of creating flower essences is ancient and intuitive, calling us,
reminding us, connecting us with our own signature essence.
When we commune with the plant spirits we are also communing
with the soul of the world, the anima mundi. 

Flower essences work intimately within the tiniest crevices of our
subtle bodies, the other-than-physical, the deepest most hidden parts of
our psyche. These are the places where profound healing and
transformation occur. Often these places are shrouded and obscured
by false beliefs and perceptions, but herein are the places in which
our treasure lies.

Attuning to the flowers that call to us, capturing their essence and
working with their potent healing frequencies, we are able to bring truth and
purity to our beliefs and perceptions and illuminate our wholeness.  

This class is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Understanding Flower Essences 

A deep dive into the history and reality of flower essences as understood
and experienced by Debbie and Lisa. Through their shared
understandings you will begin or reawaken your own relationship with
the realm of plant spirits. 


Part 2: Creating Flower Essences

In this part we explore the inner workings of how to
create your own flower essence and how to work/play with your
essence over a lunar cycle.


Part 3: Playing with Flower Essences

An open reflection and review of our relationships with and awarenesses
awakened within as we journeyed with our chosen flower essence. 

The course was recorded live over the Summer 2023 and is now available
in "The Enchantment of Flower Essences" Greenhouse in the
CommUNITY Garden for lifetime access. 

In addition to a downloadable guide and journal for your flower
essence explorations the Greenhouse is a dedicated space for
questions, sharing and connection during your journey.

Aside from your valuable attention and intention,
the investment in this experience is only $33.

"The Enchantment of Flower Essences" Greenhouse is located in the
CommUNITY Garden. All prerecorded videos along with the downloadable
guide and conversation area are also located there.

Once you have registered please make your way to
the CommUNITY Garden and request access to the Greenhouse
which you will see on the main menu. 

If you are not a member of the CommUNITY Garden you will be
asked to enter your name and email to register. 

We know the flowers are calling you and hope that you will come
and share in this high vibrational medicine offering with us.
We can't wait to share this enchanted journey with you!

~Debbie & Lisa