Mentorship Mornings

Hands-on Intuitive Garden Tending in my Soulflower Gardens


$ 11.00 per person


2h 30min


Every other Sunday May through November

About this experience

My gardens have been my personal sanctuary for almost 13 years but now the plants are letting me know that it is time to invite others to share in the tending whilst creating and deepening into their own intuitive relationship with the land and all beings seen and unseen that reside there. 

And so I am courageously opening up my garden with all it’s wild and messy wisdom every other Sunday morning throughout this growing season. Perhaps it will be the same tenders or perhaps a different mix each gathering, we shall see, but together we will engage directly in creating inner and outer sanctuary through the practices of intuitive garden tending, creativity & ceremony.

This is a hands-on, full body, heart opening practice!

Come dressed for the outdoors. Bring gloves, gathering baskets, clippers, a journal, pencils, water bottle, sunscreen and natural bug repellent and most importantly, your loving, curious, wise, heart. 

Each gathering will begin in circle and end in circle. We will talk about and explore in no particular order: 

🌱 Gardens as mentors

🌱 Cyclical tending

🌱 Daily practice

🌱 Moving at the speed of Nature

🌱 Presence-listening/observing/awareness

🌱 Working with elementals, devas and nature spirits

🌱 Body wisdom and the heart as guide

🌱 Altars, offerings and love notes

🌱 Reintegrating with the web of life

🌱 Remembering the sacred in all things 

🌱 Healing (wholing) verses curing

🌱 Connecting with Plant Spirits

🌱 Plant signatures

🌱 Diversity

🌱 Creating and working with essences

🌱 Intention & imagination

🌱 Inner work/outer work

🌱 The Art of Letting go!

🌱 Perceiving and creating beauty

🌱 Medicine making

🌱 Foraging and plant ID

🌱 Reframing weeds/invasives/pests

🌱 Understanding boundaries

🌱 Nature journaling

🌱 Change as a constant

🌱 Curiosity and flexibility for resilience

🌱 Flowing with life

...and so much more!

Nature is abundant and there will always be garden work to do, and something to harvest or gather during our time together. 

You will always receive more than you give. 

This is not a gardening how to. I will not be teaching gardening techniques per se. This is sacred play. An embodied practice. An opportunity to be in your body, be in right relationship to the elements and the web of life and the intentional practice of tending. 

“The natural world never stops giving you details to observe.”—Katherine May, Enchantment 

Space is limited to 4 participants. You need to register for each Sunday you wish to attend. No drop ins! 

And, I'm trying something new! An abundance exchange!

Registration fee is $11 to secure your spot and then there will be an abundance blessing basket at the event with gifts for each participant and an invitation for you to leave a financial donation or a gift in return.

See you in the Garden! 


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