Speedwell (INSIGHT)


Life seems to speed by. Birdeye Speedwell helps you to slow down, to be patient, and to become aware of the bigger picture. She shares her grounding energy, so that the ego cannot get in the way of true insight, and facilitates true healing by expanding the conscience beyond personal beliefs and conditioning.

Speedwell is asking us to slow down. Come back into the present moment, to where we actually are and what we are actually doing.When our mind, and our focus, is always on the future (or the past) we don’t have the space or ability to see all the beauty and magic that is surrounding us in the present moment. To see what is truly important.

Speedwell helps us to find perspective, and become aware of the “bigger” picture, so that we can find objectivity in our lives and have the space to receive guidance and insight from the Universe that is always supporting us.

Allow yourself the time to stop and smell the flowers—the scent is fleeting.

Consider: When are you on autopilot?

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