Stargazer Lily (SURRENDER)


Stargazer Lily is asking you to surrender to the unconditional love flowing toward you from the Universe. Let down the barriers surrounding your heart, and surrender unloving thoughts about yourself and allow yourself to receive. You are always enough.

There are so many ways that we close up, that we hide our soul’s light, or worse, don’t even acknowledge or recognize our own sublimity. We may even consciously (or unconsciously) direct unloving thoughts and actions towards ourselves.

Stargazer Lily reminds us that sometimes the fears that shut us down are the ones we most need to surrender to rather than trying to battle, eliminate or overcome. Surrendering to them can help loosen their grip, so that we can open up and receive their wisdom.

Allow yourself to feel and to receive the beauty and magnitude of the Universe, and of yourself, into your heart and soul. You are always enough.

Consider: Where can you soften towards yourself a little?

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