Sunflower (CONFIDENCE)


Confident Sunflower stands tall and radiant, shining like the sun. When you are suffering from low self-confidence or self-doubt, Sunflower humbly reminds you of your true magnificence, instilling acceptance and understanding and allowing loving compassion to flow from your heart.

Sunflower has an undeniable presence in the garden. Towering above many of the other plants and flowers she easily attracts our attention. Some may see her as showy and pretentious, others as luminous and joyous, but however you view her—Sunflower doesn’t care! She knows her true value, she knows who she is and she stands tall, radiating her loving warmth out as a gift for all to absorb.

Sunflower wants us to be wholly and fully ourselves—to embrace our own divinity and to welcome a higher perspective of the truth of who we are. This will allow us to embody and radiate the kind of confidence to fully express ourselves and let go of doubt around our callings here on Earth.

Consider: Where do you shine?

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