Wood Betony (GROUNDING)


Like a loving hug, Wood Betony energy is very physical, calming and grounding, helping you connect with your intuition and gut feelings, and strengthening your boundaries, so that you can manage relationships and responsibilities with ease and a strong sense of physical and emotional well-being. 

Wood Betony wants to connect us with our physical senses and with our body, the body of the Earth, and all the elements, big and small, seen and unseen, that make up both. This is grounding. Connecting with and completely inhabiting our physical body, so that we can fully experience the world around us, with perspective, and a deep understanding of our place within it.

When we are grounded, we feel embodied and present and we are more aware of our physical and energetic boundaries. We can easily tell when something feels bad or feels good—we are aware of our “gut feelings.” That way we are better able to connect with our intuition, and perceive other subtleties that go unnoticed and ignored otherwise.

A grounding practice supports a strong sense of physical and emotional well-being which in turn will be reflected in how we manage our everyday life and interact with those around us. So lovely, so simple.

Consider: What are you aware of around you?

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