Zinnia encourages spontaneity and just plain silliness in order to help bridge the gap between responsible adult and innocent child. Allow yourself to rediscover your joyful, playful inner child. Open your heart and your imagination and allow yourself to dream. The world is your oyster, and anything is possible!

In a world that is filled with weighty work obligations and no-nonsense duty, she is reminding us to not be so serious and “responsible” all of the time. Like a beautiful breath of fresh air, Zinnia shows up when we need to take a break from the business of “adulting.” She reminds us of the power of play.

It is said that through play, learning and growth occurs after only a few repetitions. If we want to experience the world anew, we must allow our curiosity and imagination to lead the way.

Living a life of joy is our birthright but it requires that we suspend our adult need for everything to be explained and ordered, logical and understandable. Open your heart and mind and engage with your imagination. The world is your playground!

Consider: What delights your silly side?

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