Wholesale Information

In my Soulflower work I am committed to the journey of personal growth and remaining true to myself and my heart's wisdom even when, it turns out, this is contradictory to conventional business wisdom where growth is the primary objective. 

All of my products, and especially my temporary tattoos, are fun and beautiful, but they are also my medicine offering to the world and I package them personally with great presence and intention.

As my business has grown I have found that I am unable to keep up with demand whilst also tending to my gardens, creating art, writing and holding space for community and tending to myself and my work in a way that is sustainable and reciprocal. 

And so, alongside rising paper and printing costs, in order for me to continue to offer my work to wholesale customers, I have restructured my website and pricing systems to offer volume discounts in simple tiers. Regular visitors to my website will also have access to volume discounts but only the lower tier. 

***You must be logged in to your account to see the additional discount tiers!***

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As always, FREE shipping is available for orders over $300 in New England and $500 for the rest of the US.

Current wholesale customers with Net 30 terms will need to email me at SoulflowerPlantSpiritArt@gmail.com to order and I will prepare an invoice. 

If you have not yet set up an account but would like to, please fill out the contact form and I can help set that up. 

With so much gratitude to you for your support of my “perfectly sized” small business and for helping to get my plant spirit medicine out to those hearts who resonate. 

If you have an active wholesale account, simply log in to see the volume discounts on the Deck, Books, Temporary Tattoos and Blank Greeting Cards.