Child's Play is Serious Business

July 26, 2021

Child's Play is Serious Business

It’s no fairytale...we are a humanity that feels orphaned, victims of a cruel world where we must fight to survive whilst frantically searching for the knight in shining armor who is going to liberate us from our collective misery.

This deeply held belief of separation from spirit, from our inner knowing, from the Earth and from each other is quite possibly the root trauma that informs how we create and perpetuate our collective nightmare day after day, generation after generation. 

Not going to sugar coat it...creating a new story beyond this vicious cycle happens one broken heart at a time and involves the painful work of diving deep into the shadow of the unconscious to rescue the scared child hiding within—our eternal soul, a fractal of the Divine—who is acting out the pain of separation and abandonment through fear, manipulation, tantrums, division, grief and rivers of snotty, ugly tears...   

This is the spiritual journey, and each of us are the main characters in this story we are co-creating, feeling and witnessing—consciously or unconsciously—in our own lives and in the collective. 

It's a chaotic, messy, always evolving and uncontrollable story, simply complex and with more narratives than we can intellectually comprehend. Like a near-death change of heart, perhaps going through this experience is the only way we can remember ourselves as children of the Earth, of the cosmos, whole, connected, perfectly imperfect, loved.

And we are being guided and supported through all of it, even when it doesn't feel like it. Nurtured by the divinely intelligent Mother Earth who lovingly supports us all, and witnessed by Father Sun, who patiently, persistently, and in infinite ways, reminds us over and over how to become present, how to pause, how to take a breath and how to not take life so seriously!

And, my flower loving friends, this is the wisdom and medicine that Zinnia (Light Heartedness) offers us all.

Zinnia supports us in bringing and holding more light in our hearts as we dive into our shadows and PLAY with (explore) our stories and unconscious traumas with the curiosity, imagination and unencumbered courage of the innocent child who does not experience everything as understandable, controllable, explainable, logical or even visible—something adults have trouble grasping!

We need to open our eyes and our minds and re-engage with our world and our created experience with wonder, trust, openness, non judgment and curiosity—to remember our “childish” qualities, our gifts, that help us move through whatever life brings without harboring attachments instead of accumulating them. 

Adulting is serious business right?! And let me tell you, this moon cycle I have been feeling everything but light hearted!

I spend a great deal more time than is healthy worrying about my children, (now teens and young adults), and how they are going to navigate the world we are offering them. I want to prepare them, keep them “safe”, but I also don’t want to perpetuate all the fears and deeply held beliefs I have spent the last decade uncovering and releasing.

I want them to trust their inner knowing and their ability to navigate the world. I want them to see the magic and beauty of the world, not just the injustice and pain. I want the incredible, ineffable diversity, connectedness and mystery of the world to fill their hearts and blow their minds and for them to deeply understand their creative potential to make their life anything they can dream of. 

I want them to live life to the fullest, not wrap themselves in bubble wrap and always take the “safe” route...which I know doesn't actually even about fairy tales! 

But even then, with all my understanding and overthinking I still find myself allowing my fears and scabby, unhealed wounds to sneak in and interfere with their process.

I can hear Zinnia blowing a giant raspberry...I must be getting a bit too serious here.

Suffice to say that life is a wild journey, but children, and our inner child, inherently “knows” how to navigate it. We came into the world with all the “tools” we needed. We knew how to play, how to create, how to forgive, how to love, how to be in the present moment, and so on...until we experienced and learned otherwise. 

To our adult minds, free flowing kiddie chaos, child’s play, feels wild and out of control. Like unruly perennials we reign them in, teach proper behavior, direct them to noble pursuits and model to them how to avoid feeling or talking about painful experiences through suppression, shame, avoidance, blaming others or trusting external experts over silly gut get the picture. 

But child's play is serious business and remembering how to play, IN YOUR OWN WAY, is how we can reconnect to our inner child, our higher self, our soul, our light, the Divine within, whatever you want to call it, AND remember this is also true for all others. 

The beauty of play is that it looks different for everyone— thankfully—but what I know for sure is that play is not just some reward for hard work and it cannot be bought or earned. It is a way of being and interacting with the world that lights you up, which is exactly the medicine YOU need AND the world needs too!

Our children are here to change the world, if we can find the courage to let them. Our children, like all of Nature, are our greatest teachers in the wisdom they innocently embody. Chaotic mess and all! 

It’s scary for sure, the unknowns, the what if’s, but we need to un-educate ourselves about the "right" or safe way to do things and allow our children, and ourselves, the playful freedom to create a new story for the world. 

It’s time to grow up and rediscover how to play.

Dig deeper with Zinnia (LIGHT HEARTEDNESS) here.

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