Forget-Me-Not (AWARENESS)


Forget-Me-Not wants to raise your awareness of your connections, not just to loved ones but to all beings, in all realms, including yourself. When you can understand this connection, you can let go of your fears of loneliness, isolation, and separation, because you realize the true, immortal nature of your divine soul.

Forget-Me-Not says, “You are not alone.” Not in your thoughts, not in your experiences and certainly not in your connections to all beings, seen and unseen, that are sharing this beautiful Universe with you.

Awareness is a deep resonance within our hearts, a knowing, that bubbles up into reality through the power of our intuition, our thoughts and our dreams. Can you see how your thoughts can build awareness of the depth of your connections to all beings, in all places, everywhere? Every thought, every action we take radiates out into the world like ripples on a pond.

Awareness of our personal ripples comes through trust, humility, and a curiosity and willingness to explore each moment with fresh eyes and childlike wonder for the mystery of it all.

Consider: What are you becoming aware of today?

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