Velvetleaf (SELF-LOVE)


Velvetleaf softly reminds you of your true nature—pure love. No matter what earthly chaos, negativity, or suffering you have faced, Velvetleaf wants you to remember that you are a magnificent, pure expression of divine love made manifest in human form. You are love itself. Love yourself. You are loved.

Dealing with the realities of our physical existence, the pain and the suffering— particularly the man-made sort—often creates difficulty connecting with our hearts to the truth of who we are. So we have cut ourselves off from the Divine love that flows through us even though it is our birthright.

We are all born perfect, and whole, and Velvet Leaf wants us to know that. We are not broken or unworthy, we do not need to be fixed or achieve some level of existential competency before we are allowed to receive the love and abundance that flows to you, around you, is you.

We just need to remember it, accept it and then live it.

Consider: What does it mean to love yourself?

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