Mirror of Love

August 02, 2023 1 Comment

Mirror of Love

At some point, all the flowers and their messages blur together into one beautiful, all encompassing bouquet which I receive as unconditional love. “You are love,” say ALL the flowers. “So are we. It’s all love.”

But we are human and we like to categorize and classify and think a lot about things in our world and we dearly love clearcut material frameworks and scientific explanations. Unfortunately, the more I learn about myself and the world I live in, the more I have found that it is not possible to categorize life, to understand the entirety or even to define clear boundaries. 

What I do know is that each flower, like each human, has a personality and it is this that I perceive and build a relationship with. And just like every relationship we get to experience, as I deep dive with a flower, I am also deep diving into my own soul. 

Each flower is a mirror that reflects back at me something that I have forgotten, or something I need to remember, about my essential nature, my true Nature. 

All relationships are mirrors. 

This moon cycle I am deep diving with Velvetleaf (SELF LOVE). She came in early, around the full moon time of my last deep dive with Aster (ILLUMINATION)....Right around when I was remembering (becoming conscious) of how Aster was illuminating how to love myself fully. Velvetleaf’s presence was so strong that it was hard to separate my experience with Aster and my experience with her. 

You can read Afraid It’s All Been Wasted Time? my Deep Dive with Aster HERE which I failed to inform anyone about as I was already in the thick of it with Velvetleaf. 😬


Back to this idea of relationships as mirrors…

How many times have you heard that we are mirrors for each other? Or that Nature is a mirror?

I touch on this all the time. Growing my relationships with the flowers is how I have come to understand more about myself. How I have grown myself. Tending my garden is how I tend myself. 

And yet, have you seen the state of the world? The mess we are in? If everything (and everyone) is a mirror, things are not looking so great.

Wandering around my garden, I find myself moving in and out of peace. Despite being well into the growing season, Velvetleaf is small and struggling. We have had soooo much rain this summer and everywhere in the gardens you can see signs of stress, in many cases, plants literally rotting in place. 

I could reflect on the science of climate change and the scourge that is humanity, but that is not really my truth. My truth is that the Earth—all of us humans, plants, animals as well as all beings seen and unseen—are going through a process. 

Change is the natural order of things and yet it is deeply uncomfortable for many of us. The Earth is reflecting back to us something we need to become aware of… conscious of. Something really important we need to understand. 

The thing is that we can’t understand the big picture fully, if at all, before we can truly understand the small picture that is each one of us. 

(Empowerment is understanding ourselves and how much our presence and our thoughts/words/actions affect the whole.)

When I am wandering around my garden feeling disappointed and judgmental of the mess I see, I am literally having unloving thoughts about my dear flower friends… about Nature… about myself!  

Remember, I am Nature. There is no separation! 

Further, when I am feeling uncomfortable having visitors see my “messy” gardens, I am playing in a narrative that I am going to be judged by the state of my garden. 

We all have been well conditioned in this narrative. You know, the concept that my garden, my home, my external appearance is some sort of measure of my value and worthiness as a human. 

That is not my truth and I’m pretty sure it’s not your truth either… and yet here I am, feeding this narrative, watering this “reality” with my precious energy.

Opening my garden to others (at my garden’s request) has been a lesson in embodying all that I have remembered about being present, and unconditionally loving, with WHAT IS. And I can see how the gardens are growing me…

Slowing down, taking a deep, presencing breath, I gently and mindfully trim back some of Velvetleaf’s neighbors so that she may receive some more light and warmth to support her growth. Tending to her with the same loving care that I wish to receive so that we both may thrive. 

“I love you. I’m sorry.” I say to Velvetleaf...  And to myself. 

Remember, there is no separation. 

Digging even deeper, I can also see how and when I hold back or hide aspects of myself because I wish to be judged favorably, to be loved, to belong and to avoid the deep pain of rejection—which is every bit physical as well as emotional trauma—AND, I see that this is also something unloving that I do to myself.

When I judge and reject pieces of myself, I am literally creating that which I am trying to avoid. I am rejecting aspects of myself in order to not be rejected!

In addition, outer rejection is a mirror of inner rejection. There is no separation. 

As mirrors for each other, when someone rejects you, it is an opportunity to love yourself more and bring into alignment a piece that was put aside for fear of rejection. 

“Self love” says Velvet Leaf, “is loving all the pieces.” 

We can’t change the outer world, or our inner world, through force or control or through only loving parts and pieces of our human experience—although we can keep trying! 

When we see a mess, whether it is in our backyard or on a much grander scale, we can judge it as bad and set about trying to fix it, clean it, ignore it or hide it—none of which will actually heal it.

Healing is the process of recognizing, accepting, forgiving, loving and integrating, in order to re-member our inherent wholeness. 

We cannot heal through only loving parts and pieces of ourselves or our collective human experience and waging war on the rest. 

I feel and know Nature, life, to be intelligent. And so in my healing journey, I have come to realize that there are no real mistakes, rather there are multiple opportunities for growth and expansion of consciousness through unconditional love. 

“The world doesn’t want to be saved. It wants to be loved. That’s how we save it.” —April Peerless

The world doesn’t want to be saved, she wants to be loved. I want to be loved. 

You are love itself. Love yourself. You are loved.” Mirrors Velvetleaf.

We can only change the world, or rather cocreate a more beautiful, equatable world by loving ourselves and what is, hard as it is to look at, completely. Then we can begin to move forward out of our shared forgiveness, compassion and understanding for the human experience. 

Can I wander my garden and bless the mess? Can I see it as part of the process of life and death and rebirth? Can I surrender unloving thoughts, words and actions towards the world, towards myself, and instead hold space for loving support… witnessing? 

Can we all stop shaming ourselves and others for our humanness? 

Can we stop fighting and competing and seeking external validation for our sense of self worth?

Can I?  

I truly believe we are all doing the best we can with the consciousness we have available to us. And as we grow and remember our interconnectedness, as we come to embody the truth that we are all mirrors for each other, we will remember not only our power to affect the whole but also our hearts knowing that love is the fuel for our shared evolution.  

And right now, within the global mess we have manifested, I know we are each exactly where we are meant to be, having the experiences we need to have in order to grow ourselves and the collective—there is no separation—through the power of unconditional love. 

As I tend my garden, my garden tends me.

As I tend my little piece of Heaven on Earth, within and without, as I create beauty and peace and sanctuary for myself and for all those who visit, I am supporting myself to uncover and fully shine in my authenticity. I am learning to love all of myself, warts and all, as I also learn to love the messiness and uncontrollable nature of Nature—life itself! I am remembering my wholeness.

In the ether, in the Elemental realm, as we tend to ourselves and each other, we will radiate out a new story of love and acceptance through our thoughts/words/actions (inner to outer) and this will be reflected directly back to us in our relationships and in material form.

We are creating our reality in real time. 

In divine timing we will each begin to understand how we are not, nor can ever be, victims of our reality but rather only unconscious creators. Which means it's easy to shame and manipulate us. 

It is easy to observe that there is a whole lot of not enoughness in the world driving us to continually search and consume what we hope will fill us up whilst leaving a wake of energetic and physical garbage behind us. 

My fear of rejection equals a whole lot of ways I can try to create myself for the acceptance and consumption of others, but only if I choose to remain unconscious of (and battle) the wisdom my body, my garden and the Earth is sharing with me.

In the end, perhaps the way to “save the world” is as simple as each of us being able to look in the mirror and say “I love you” and truly mean it. 

Velvetleaf says, “I’ll meet you there.” 🌸



Dig deeper with Velvetleaf (SELF-LOVE) here.

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Lance Kurland
Lance Kurland

August 06, 2023

Obviously you put a lot of thought and feelings in your exploration of Velvetleaf. All these vibrational essences bring awareness of not only themselves but also their relationship to the whole. What I have always appreciated about the essences is their ability to integrate their particular frequency into a greater spectrum of the whole. Thank you for sharing your own wisdom with the rest of us.
My Soulflower replied:
Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I agree, the essences, like us, each embody a unique frequency that is an integral part of the whole. 🌸

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