The CommUNITY Garden

February 08, 2021

The CommUNITY Garden

The CommUNITY Garden brings together all souls ready to nurture their most authentic selves so that they can remember how to be empowered and conscious creators of their own lives guided by the wisdom and joy of their own loving hearts and share in the journey of remembering ourselves, and our Earth, whole.

This is Sacred Gardening and the process of Tending the Garden of our Souls through life honoring relationships, diversity (bio-individuality), conscious choice and reciprocity. 

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."
—Arundhati Roy

I see this quote often. I can feel the truth of it deep in my bones and resonating in my heart, and every step of my journey is in service to this wisdom, in service to the healing of the Earth.

We live on an abundant planet, literally the garden of Eden. Heaven on Earth. No one part is more important than another and all parts are interconnected in a beautiful circle of life that holds us all—a multi-layered, multi-dimensional, ever expanding and continuous circle or spiral—where there is no beginning and no end.

And the awareness of this connection and BEING IN connection, in relationship, with others is how we, step by step, heart by heart, courageously walk the path home to our own breath, our own joy and our own truth. 

I believe in diving way beneath the surface of our feelings and emotions and allowing the Plant Spirits to support us, hold space for us, and craft medicine for us in a way that heals and balances the soul and helps us live joy-filled, fully embodied lives.

Up until 2020 I spent a great deal of time in solitude, in my own process, tending my garden, painting and writing about my experiences and relationships with the plants and flowers that, in truth, were actually growing me. 

Nature is always changing, always evolving, and, as Nature, so am I. 

My heart began to tell me that it was time for me to spiral deeper into my work and allow others into my garden to share my process in a way that I knew not only served my personal growth, but would also help serve others too. 

It was scary but spending 2020 in sacred circle, mentoring and holding space for other women to journey with the Plant Spirits expanded my heart, my understanding and my embodiment of the truth of our interconnections with each other beyond what I thought previously possible—we each carry an important piece of the whole. 

Witnessing and sharing in each other’s journeys we see this truth reflected back at us over and over. We come to know with every fiber of our beings that not only are we sacred mirrors for each other but so is all of Nature. 

And so I am sowing the seeds for a new community, a new offering, where each of us can explore our personal stories in a safe and supportive on-line space. 

It is time to evolve further. It is time to step up and create and embody that which we wish to live.

I believe we are all being called to engage in the sacred process of alchemizing our shame, our fear, our grief, our trauma, our labels, our old stories and beliefs about our lives and about ourselves into nourishing soil in order to grow a New Earth rooted in love and unity. 

This is the human journey, humanity’s story, experiencing the growth and evolution of our consciousness. It is a gift and each day is an opportunity to step into our next highest versions of ourselves.

Let us weave together a new story that honors all expressions of life on this beautiful planet, seen and unseen. This is Unity consciousness and this is where I choose to direct my creative energy, my life force, moving forward.

The Garden is a place where we can all tend to and grow the practices of daily observation and awareness of the world around us, and within us, guided by the Earth cycles, the Moon, the beautiful Soulflowers and supported by the innate wisdom seeded in us all.

The Garden is a place where we can safely allow ourselves to open our hearts and our minds to new possibilities, new awarenesses, new experiences and new understandings of what it means and feels like to live guided by love, compassion, connection and resonance with our heart’s inner knowing.

It is my belief that by each one of us stepping up and accepting responsibility for our own healing journeys, we will not only heal this planet but we will also co-create the kind of world that I know exists in all of our hearts.

This is and has always been a journey of TRUST. 

Tuning into our own bodies, and especially our hearts, and then honoring what we discover is perhaps the greatest gift we can give ourselves, each other and the world at large.

So come on in. Take a look around. 

You will know in your heart if it’s for you. 

Upon entering, you can explore the Garden Discovery Welcome section, where I share a Garden Tour and introduce you to the Earth Wisdom Council. 

I know you will feel the safety and sacredness of this space we are creating together. I really think you’ll love it. Of course, if it is not for you, you can cancel your subscription within 3 days and not be charged a single cent.

This. Is. The. Next. Right. Step.

We are truly wired for connection. 🌀



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