It's a Matter of Life AND Death

September 29, 2021

It's a Matter of Life AND Death

Time, and our experience and understanding of time here on Earth is linear. You are born, you live, you die. There is a past, a present and a future. Beginnings and endings are finite, measurable. That’s the truth. Right?

Of course it is, but what Evening Primrose, my Plant Spirit guide this moon cycle, shares with me is a wholly different perspective, that is also truth. 

That life, and time, can also be perceived as a spiral.

As we live, our physical cells are duplicating, dying and replacing themselves, all the time. We are literally being reborn over and over within every lifetime. We also have a human tendency to repeat history over and over too. What’s that belief about turning into our mothers? 

But seriously, this spiral timeline shows us that we get to live in a constantly evolving version of ourselves, which also means we die, or get to let go of many versions of ourselves and our beliefs, repeatedly

This is what it means to live and to grow. It’s a dynamic process with death, and the energy of endings, being an integral part of life. You simply cannot experience one without the other… on every level—physical, emotional and spiritual. 

Somewhere along the way however we lost this spiraling perception of life and instead subscribed to a more linear polarity reality. If you are not alive, you must be dead. And that of course is something to be avoided at all costs. 

Evening Primrose rebirth energy feels like a giant, brightly flashing ampersand sign lighting the way to embracing unity consciousness and reclaiming our place in the ever expanding spiral of life AND death. 

Can we feel beyond the perception of polarities that govern, or overlay, our beliefs about our linear 3D reality, life OR death, and embrace a more inclusive and dynamic truth? 

“How do YOU feel about death?” Evening Primrose asks. interesting question...

It’s not something people generally like to talk about or consider AND yet fear of death, control of life, seems to be something that seeps unconsciously into so many of our human experiences.

As you may have worked out, I am not just talking about the literal death of our physical form but also death as the ending of some aspect of our lives—a job perhaps, a relationship, a belief, and so on. Personal growth ironically involves dismantling and letting go of what doesn’t work in our lives and this often looks like or, most importantly, feels like a lot of death and destruction, and so we naturally choose to avoid this pain. That’s the best thing to do, right? But then one has to ask, how can we grow? How can we evolve?

Spiraling with Evening Primrose reminds me that death and endings are not only inevitable, they are also illusions. Endings and beginnings seem to occur at the same time, in every moment, so can life ever really end? 

What if we were to embrace a healthy relationship with death? To see endings as a necessary and inevitable part of life rather than simply something to be avoided at all costs. 

Evening Primrose takes me deep within, into the womb-like dark, where her glowing, yellow heart-shaped petals gently illuminate my deepest wounds and traumas. She shows me that the unconscious, unrecognized sources of my pain and suffering are also the seeds of understanding for new growth and new life. 

Evening Primrose reframes my pain as a necessary part of the spiral of life, growth and death. Not something to be feared. She supports me in letting go and not being afraid to step into something new, something as yet unknown. 

The equinox that we are moving through is a reminder of this in-between place of dynamic balance between endings and beginnings. It is the pause at the top of the breath before we exhale. In this moment we cannot know what will be and yet we need to let go of what was before there can be room for the new. 

It’s a place of deep faith and trust. And Nature is always the best teacher. 

I am watching the garden wither and die around me. The leaves are beginning to turn and I am composting all that was once vibrant and alive to be nourishment for all the seeds buried in the dark waiting for the right conditions for growth. Waiting for warmth and light. Waiting for love. 

I am thinking about how life is such a gift, such a blessing, and far too short to be wasted worrying about when it will end! And so, in every precious moment I choose life. Life AND death. Grief AND joy. Dark AND light. Pain AND love. All of it. There is no end, just ever expanding consciousness. 

Round and Round we all go on the beautiful spiral of life. 

Live. Learn. Make Mistakes. Release. Start Over. Celebrate. Expand. Renew. Rebirth, Repeat. There is no end. 

Dig deeper with Evening Primrose (REBIRTH) here.

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