Nurturing the Seeds

February 19, 2019

Nurturing the Seeds

This moon cycle, after the last couple of months of winter hibernation, I have felt the powerful, and slightly scary, energies of expansion and growth stirring within me. My big, beautiful dream is filling my heart and the next steps are demanding big, daunting investment, both financially, energetically and emotionally from me.

The Earth shows me that I have to build the soil, nourish it, in order for it to support strong growth and healthy plants later on. So too with my life and my heartswork. But it is super challenging to sit with the discomfort, be patient, and to literally keep investing so much energy, time and money into my business when the results are far from instant.

And the discomfort is substantial, for among the seeds of my big, beautiful dream, I am also aware that there are many seeds of self-doubt, uncertainty and fear lurking.

I understand deeply, that what I give my attention too, what seeds I nurture, will certainly thrive. I also know that taking the time to nurture myself, my work and my dreams is very much a reflection of my inner belief of my own personal value and my worthiness in this world.

Lady’s Mantle (NURTURANCE) is my guiding Plant Spirit for this moon cycle.

This magical and dreamy plant oozes feminine nobility. Her name Alchemilla comes from the coveted pearl-like beads of morning dew, or rain, that gather like jewels on her leaves, and were considered by ancient alchemists to be the purest form of water available.

Alchemy is defined as the power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. And Lady’s Mantle shares with me that one of the most powerful, magical and easily accessible tools of alchemy we all have is simply our imagination.

We all have the amazing ability to create our big, beautiful dreams through first imagining their possibility, and then birthing them into our physical reality by nurturing the vessel that is carrying them.

We can’t do this on our own however, no matter how hard we push and strive!  We have to allow the energy of Love/Source/God to co-create with and through us. That is the tricky part!

We are not separate beings after all. And we all carry the belief in the illusion that we somehow have control over how things will go and how they will turn out. If we just do it the right way—the smart way, the logical way, the way that expert says we should—perhaps we can avoid the regret? The suffering? The mistakes? And that is a big weight to carry! Enough weight in fact to smother dreams.

Lady’s Mantle energy brings me feelings of gentle reassurance, like a mother’s soft voice saying, “You’ve got this, Lisa.” And I allow her love and strength to envelop me, like I am wrapping myself in a soft, deep green velvet mantle, which keeps me safe, warm and dry.

Lady’s Mantle has the power to transport me, through engaging with my imagination, to a different time, where I am nobility. And in this place I feel strong and powerful, sure of myself and my vision, and I am able to make choices and decisions based on a deep trust that my heart is guiding me and that I am fully supported in my journey. In other words, I feel worthy.

Back in the “real” world however I remember that we live in a culture that values external validation above all else and I am no stranger to this heavy energy. I can easily slip into allowing the worry of what others will think of my work, my book, my thoughts, my writing, to overrun my mind. In this place of unworthiness, my imagination gets the better of me, conjuring up situations and stories that literally undermine my trust in my ability to live a joyful life. And the more I allow this energy in, the more I know I am undermining my big, beautiful dream.

The magic then, the alchemy, is the transformation of self-doubt into self-approval, uncertainty into acceptance and fear into trust.

What will be is beyond my control and I understand that my role as co-creator of my reality is solely to nurture the seeds of my big, beautiful dream and the wellbeing of the vessel that carries them.

It is my work then to love and nourish my body, my mind, my emotions and my spiritual well-being, so that I can be the clearest channel I can be for Divine love and direction to flow through me. In this way I can let go of the details of how my big, beautiful dream will manifest and simply allow my healthy, happy heart to be my guide.

So Lady’s Mantle is asking me to figure out how I can nurture myself each and every day so that I can support strong growth and realize my full potential in this lifetime.

I’ll keep you posted.

Dig deeper with Lady's Mantle (NURTURANCE) here.

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