Plumbago: Be A Flower

December 27, 2021

Plumbago: Be A Flower

I’ve always been a sucker for happy endings. 
In spite of allowing me a steady childhood diet of Disney magic, my mother would remind me that I was a “dreamer” and that everyone living happily ever after doesn’t actually happen in the real world. 
Now I’m in my fifties and honestly, in this respect, I haven’t changed a bit. I’m still a dreamer, and I am proud to be! And I still believe in happy endings, only now I call it inner peace. 
Somewhere, deep down in my bones I remember, I KNOW, that it is not only possible for us all to just get along, it is possible for us all to thrive, even with all our perceived differences and in spite of all the challenges life throws at us.. 
In fact, it is Nature herself that is always showing me that inherent strength and beauty is found in diversity, and that kindness, respect and unconditional love are the most nutritious ingredients for our individual and collective lives.

Plumbago Soulflower Card

So this moon cycle, journeying with Plumbago (UNDERSTANDING) I have been finding myself angry. Raging actually. On the inside, in the shadows, furious that our world is still so divided, so oblivious to the outer coercion and manipulative narrative that stokes the flames of othering, labeling and dividing us and telling us what we must do/be/say in order to earn the external validation of society, to be worthy human beings. 
I’ve spent the last decade and then some, identifying and painfully letting go (hello Dandelion) of many of the personal labels and deeply held beliefs that I realize do not define who I am and who I can be in this world. This process, like peeling a never ending onion—tears practically blinding me, tempting me to give up—has gradually unearthed the understanding that we are ALL children of this Earth, ALL worthy exactly as we are and dammitt, our happy ending, or our new beginning, is long overdue!
Enough already of the antagonizing, overwhelming division, chaos and warlike rhetoric; it’s time for us all to remember who we are. It is time to see the beauty and abundance of the world we have been gifted and to love and honor ALL OF IT, all of us, as unique expressions of the Divine. 
It’s so hard to be patient, witnessing so many beautiful souls succumb to hopelessness in this collective nightmarish drama. It’s time for a new story! 
And so Plumbago, dear Plumbago, (in the midst of my temper tantrum), brought to my mind a quote by William Shakespeare of all people: 
“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts…”
“Yes I know! But what does that have to do with manifesting Heaven on Earth?” I grumbled. “What can I do?”
“Do you understand the role you are playing in the evolution of humanity?” continued Plumbago.
Yikes! That’s a BIG question! And this moon cycle, with Plumbago’s support I have been giving it a LOT of thought. 


Plumbago encourages introspection so that you can come to UNDERSTAND, become conscious of all the roles you play in your life, and all the costumes and masks you wear while you act out your unique story. This is deep shadow work where you learn to love all the parts of yourself, even those that you would rather never see the light of day.
Consider what “As Within, So Without” means to you? 
This expression is considered to be a universal truth or law which shows us that the outside world is a reflection of our inner world. That what we feel and what we believe has a tendency to actually play out in our everyday lives.
And if we all believe the world is going to hell and we are helpless to do anything about it, well maybe that’s the collective nightmare we will manifest. 
It is only through UNDERSTANDING and compassionate witnessing of our own personal and powerful roles in the creation of our lives that we can eventually come to see our similarities, our connections, and the universal truth that we are all one. 
“All in Divine timing of course,” Plumbago gently reminds me. “Everyone is on their own journey of self-discovery…”
Accepting responsibility for our unique role in the grand play of life is one of the first steps to empowering us to create a new, hopefully better story, not just for ourselves and our own lives, but for the whole. We are in this together after all! 
Happiness—that is, inner peace with what is—will always be an inside job.
And a happy ending is not achievable only when some external authority waves their magic wand and fixes all the world's ills. 
It’s not achievable when some corporate or politically designated expert mandates exactly what we all should think, say and do, overriding the infinite uniqueness and diversity that actually makes us human. 
And it’s certainly not achievable only when germs, illness, pain, death, all part and parcel of life itself, have been successfully avoided and eradicated. 
No. No. NO!!!

If we want to live happily ever after, we are ultimately going to have to CHOOSE to BE HAPPY.
In other words, each one of us is going to have to choose to BE the unconditional love, the compassion, the beauty, the understanding that we ALL need for ourselves and desire to see in the world, whatever may be happening within or without.
Just like the heart opening, vibration raising, breath giving, healing plants and flowers that I love so much are always reflecting back to me in every waking moment. 
“It’s simple.” says Plumbago. “BE A FLOWER! Brighten the world with your presence.”
And then when we are inevitably faced with the scary, often painful, dark and mysterious, messy and uncontrollable world, faced with our failures, our shortcomings, our anger—when we are faced with LIFE ITSELF—perhaps we can also remember how to embody the light and infinite potential that we are also blessed with.
Not easy, but we can choose love in every moment. 
We can choose life. All of it.
Rumi, the renowned 13th century Persian poet, once said, “Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”
I think I’d like to add that I believe that field is filled with flowers. 

Dig deeper with Plumbago (UNDERSTANDING) here.

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