Remembering Our Sovereign Selves

April 07, 2020

Remembering Our Sovereign Selves

What a story humanity is weaving! What a story I am weaving!

There is not a day that goes by that I am not amazed by our collective and individual human experience—the synchronties, the unfolding and the potential of becoming—is truly awe inspiring. What an honor to be alive! 

And every day, working with the Soulflowers, I feel how every single flower is radiating and reflecting the Divine loving presence that we each are in a myriad of beautiful colors and forms, each with our own stories to experience, our own sacred gifts to share...if we would only remember AND show up.

With an intelligence and timing that I can only begin to grasp, Sunflower (CONFIDENCE) is here as our guiding Plant Spirit for this stretch of our journey together, and she is reminding us all that no matter how dark it gets while we are in our individual and collective cocoons, we are our own guiding lights. We always have been and always will be.

Sunflower is one of the flowers I have journeyed with most in the past few years and it’s an honor to share the further unfolding of our relationship in this Deep Dive.

My Soulflower journey began almost 8 years ago when my lifelong troubles with chronic headaches finally brought me to my knees and I knew I could no longer continue on the path I had been traveling. 

I won’t go into all the details again, (you can read the first part of my Sunflower story HERE), suffice to say that I now understand my headaches are one of my body’s way of getting my attention when my life, and the way I show up in it, is out of alignment with the guiding light of my own heart and soul

And so you can imagine how hard it had been for me over the last six months or so to notice, once again that my headaches are becoming the norm rather than a rarity.

They are definitely back! 🤕

Not that they ever went away completely, but they were certainly not as frequent or as intense as they are now, and I have been left wondering what is out of alignment in my life this time? 

Cue quarantine for some serious inner reflection time...for us all it seems. Our world is out of alignment too. 

Sunflower has always asked me to step out of my comfort zone, to find the confidence to show up fully in my life and work with the understanding that as each one of us begins to radiate the loving, compassionate and creative presence we truly are, we will help light the way for others to do the same. 

This has always been my dream. My wish. I can see it clearly with the eye of my heart. And each baby step of the way I thought I was showing up fully...and I was!! That is until I realize consciously that I am not. 

And so this quarantine can be perceived in some ways as a gift.

A gift to become conscious of all the ways my choices (our choices) have not been working for my highest good (or the highest good of all), and an opportunity to dream into a new way of being. One that perhaps is greater than I/we can even imagine. 

We each have our own narrative of course about what is happening in the world around us and what we believe is the truth of our experience based on our individual perception of reality. (No surprise then that Daffodil (PERCEPTION) is up next in the sanctuary…

But in the end it really doesn’t matter what the details are since the extent of our imprisonment is only the extent to which we subscribe to the reality our ego minds create. 

The suffering is real. The pain is real. But our personal and collective suffering is ultimately only, and always, connected to what we think and WHO we think we are. 

This is the shadow side of Sunflower. 

Just last year in my second Deep Dive journey with Sunflower I had become conscious of the fears I felt around showing up more Soulflower Sanctuary Mentorship program felt out of the question even though my heart was calling it in. Sunflower had helped me remember that we can witness all the very real suffering and pain around us AND hold space for the new light and collective dream to emerge. (You can read the second part of my Sunflower story HERE). 

Again, I am blown away at the intelligence of the Plant Spirit guidance I received and how relevant it is now as we are dealing with a global pandemic.

Personally, I believe we are all sovereign beings imprisoned (and often exploited) by our mass illusion of not being sovereign beings, of not remembering the truth of who we are. And in this case, there is only one obvious way to break free—to emerge from this quarantine—that is by remembering and embodying this truth.

Our hearts want us to flow with them, allow them to lead us, but our minds and the fearful and painful stories our egos concoct are powerful obstacles. 

And I’ve been trying to avoid the obvious. Pushing the truth away that my heart is telling me. 

The journey is always about trust isn’t it? 

Why do we continually choose to doubt? Why do we continually choose to suffer in this way? If we are to trust anything at all, it should be our own bodies and our loving hearts not the stories our minds tell us. Why do we continue to stare transfixed at the train wreck happening around us rather than focusing on the incredible compassion and acts of love that are simultaneously occurring? 

Sunflower supports our confidence in our ability to see (with our hearts) and to be our true selves. 

She says it's time to remember. 

Not just me. ALL of us. 

My heart longs to fully express itself and I know yours does too. 

And so this Deep Dive with Sunflower is, again, another step in the direction of my heart. 

A humble offering of my light to kindle and support yours.

My soul longs to help us all to remember the truth of who we are in our hearts and to create lives that reflect our true sovereignty, no longer slaves to the systems and stories and structures that imprison our true natures. 

The truth is, in these uncertain times, Sunflower is reminding us that it is OUR time to shine. To help dream a new way of being into our collective reality that honors all life, seen and unseen, so that our hearts will know peace and love and feel it reflected in the world around us. 

We really are made for these times!!

What this looks like for me personally? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m still dreaming into that reality, but I do know it is time to offer my heart in person, one-to-one. My light, my presence, is my way to contribute and serve the greater good. As sovereign beings this is the truth for us all. 

There. I said it out loud. 🌻

It’s one thing to remember who we are and quite another to BE who we truly are. 

I know I am here to offer personal support and to be a listening and loving presence, a space holder and witness for spiritual healing for those that are feeling ungrounded, anxious and fearful. For those who are learning how to trust their own hearts and their own inner wisdom to guide their way. And for those whose hearts know the truth of their own magnificent selves but who are having a hard time embodying this understanding. 

I am here to share my story as inspiration, but I am also here to listen to yours and hold space for you while you remember the pieces of yourself you have forgotten, while you remember your sovereign self too so that you can show up fully as the magnificent light that you are.

Sunflower wants us to remember that it is our Earth and our Earth bodies that house our guiding hearts and eternal souls. Each one of us has something unique to contribute and the full presence of every single one of us is needed.

It’s time to stop watching the old world fall apart. Release what was. Accept what is, and then step up to help transmute our individual stories into one story and create together what will be.

Sunflower is asking us to remember our sovereign selves and from our collective place of surrender dream a new Earth into being that is greater than we can even imagine. 

Which brings me full circle in this Sunflower story to the truth I have always known. 

One by one, as we come home to our sovereign selves, we will help manifest heaven on Earth with our FULLY empowered, FULLY embodied and FULLY EXPRESSED Divinity.

My story is no longer just my story. It is our story.🌻

Dig deeper with Sunflower (CONFIDENCE) here.

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