Alignment is Contentment With What Is

November 09, 2019 2 Comments

Alignment is Contentment With What Is

Life is hard because we make it hard.

If things are not going well we think we must be doing something wrong or that something wrong is being done to us. We are programmed to suffer.

This is a low vibration way of being which keeps us locked in a reactive, perpetual cycle of fear and pain. 

And since we set the vibrational tone of everything we experience this leaves us in a very vulnerable state of constant struggle, trying to figure everything out, working hard to control outcomes and struggling to fix our lives. 

In order to heal, in order to change our experience and get out of this cycle, we first need to recognize that we are in fact in one! 

We need to become conscious. Wake up! Whatever you want to call it!

One by one, we are massively updating the human story on this planet, and we have a lot of work to do! 

I know how easy it is to slip into (align with) old patterns and stories of trying to figure everything out,  struggling to rationalize, fix, and control everything, so from now on I’m replacing the word HARD with HEART in an effort to let go of this endless cycle of suffering. 

We each need to dream a new dream instead of perpetuating the nightmare we are collectively experiencing. We each need to recognize, honor and release the fears and judgments and wounds that we are perpetuating and that are not aligned with our hearts truth. This is not easy! But continuing to align with suffering is not easy either.

Every day, I am learning to consciously open my heart, expand my heart, and allow all my choices and direction to come from my own heart.

Becoming conscious is heart work! Making conscious choices is heart work! Aligning with and creating a new story is absolutely heart work! 

The voice of the heart is subtle, but it never lies and never leads us astray.

Our ego voice however is loud and persistent, and unfortunately often wins our attention. And when we continually align ourselves with our fearful thoughts, our words and actions that follow take us further and further away from the peace we all desire. More stress and struggle. 

Our lives however, are the most amazing classrooms for us to learn about ourselves. When I view what is going on in my life through the wisdom of the plant spirits, I find I am able to come to a deeper understanding not only of my life but also life itself. 

This moon cycle one of my girls has been having a really hard time dealing with the outside world and the pressures of school and all the hormones and emotions of a healthy teenager. She spent almost an entire week in bed, not sick, but exhausted and needing a ton of rest and solitude to process her feelings. And for the most part I was able to allow her this break and support her until she got up on her own and went back to school. 

It was, and is, all ok and I knew in my heart that she would be fine, and I am so grateful she knows how to take care of herself and I can support her.

Let me tell you though that while my heart knew this truth, my head was going through a completely different experience. 

The first morning she declined to go to school, my thoughts immediately screamed, “Oh no! What is wrong? Is she sick? Has something bad happened at school? Too much pressure? Or maybe I’m not being a good parent...I wonder if she has been staying up too late on the screen? I’m not doing a good job setting rules and boundaries… this is terrible! I am terrible! My daughter is going to be a failure and not graduate or live a fulfilling life and it’s all my fault.”

You get the idea. My mind, my ego thoughts, instantly created a whole load of suffering and internal struggling.

And unfortunately, by the third day of her not getting out of bed, the discomfort and stress magnified, and I stopped feeling into my heart’s truth and let my thoughts take over.

So out of my mouth came words to the effect of, “What is wrong with you? You are digging a big hole for yourself with all the homework you’ll have to catch up with. And you’re not taking good care of should try going outside or DOING this, or that, to fix yourself.”

And so now I have spread my suffering and created a whole additional load for her too.😔

So what did I do next? I reacted. I got angry. Frustrated. With her. With myself for not being a better role model and everything got chaotic and sucky and the ripples of suffering expanded further out to my other daughter and my husband and even the dog…and I could see it all. And the self judgment was out of control.

Of course, when it’s all stressful and disheartening, that’s when Campanula makes her presence known. She will pop into my thoughts or I’ll see a post somewhere about alignment or some other way that the plants have of getting my attention. And instantly, I remember to take a deep realigning breath.

I become aware of how I have allowed my ego mind to take over, to run the show, and realize how out of alignment I am with my own knowing, with my own truth. 

Thank you. Simply thank you. For my life, for the plants, for the way I am learning about myself. Truly, these simple words (and a deep breath) are all I need to bring me back into my heart space. Back into alignment. 


Simple. Not easy, but simple. And this is how we will dream a new world into being.

Slowly, slowly retraining ourselves back to the truth of our hearts. And every time we do this, every time we wake up to the old patterns, release ourselves from engaging with them, and return to our hearts, we are creating a new, aligned experience—contentment with what is.

Struggling and suffering only happens when we are out of alignment. 

It’s challenging not to be discouraged when we are so easily pulled out of alignment, multiple times in one day even. But we are human, and personal growth takes presence and alignment and that is not something we can simply think our way through. 

Align with the flow of life, align with your heart, and then letting Nature take it’s course.

Breath. Gratitude. Realign. Repeat.

This is the work!!!

Dig deeper with Campanula (ALIGNMENT) here.

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December 17, 2019

Yes I agree with Suzanne, this resonated with me as well… It’s nice to read some fresh ideas and be inspired… thank u for sharing this with us Lisa🌼


November 21, 2019

Wow! This resonates deeply with me! Thank you for this post!

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