Hawthorn: It's Safe to Say Goodbye

June 03, 2020 1 Comment

Hawthorn: It's Safe to Say Goodbye

Ours is a system rooted in separation, fertilized by scarcity and survival and watered by devotion to science and “rational” thinking, devoid of spirituality, and tended to by unconscious slavery in all forms. 

It is an unbalanced, barren system cannibalising the soil on which it was sown and without connection to the great spiral of life, the unseen vital force that flows through us all, it has reached the end of its life. 

No wonder the “system” is falling apart, crumbling and burning before our very eyes. It has no heart. It has no soul. It is not, nor has ever been sustainable. It is time for it to go.

Unfortunately we have been in a codependent relationship with the “system” for so long. 

For years and years, we have put up with this abusive, dysfunctional creation that does not honor, respect, celebrate or nourish the abundant diversity within humanity or any aspect of the living Earth supporting us. 

And as is the case with all codependent relationships we are scared to leave. Scared of change. Scared of the unknown, and convinced—brainwashed even—that we are unworthy of anything better. 

Unconsciously we are clinging to an old system that serves only a few, if anyone, but for sure it is the only system we know. It’s the only system our ancestors of multiple generations have ever known. This system runs deep in our blood. And… it’s boiling over. It has been for some time.

It takes enormous courage to let go of the old especially as what will take its place is uncertain and not yet visible or even understandable.

Hawthorn is here this moon cycle, supporting our warrior hearts to remain open and loving to all life and especially to the process of life itself, as painful as it can sometimes be. And to recognize, as agonizing as all break-ups and deaths (physical and metaphorical) are, how on Earth are we going to transform society, make room for the new, if we are not willing to cut cords with the old, say a final goodbye and let it go?

And so we find ourselves in the midst of a war.

A great divide.

A battle between the old and the new.

Head versus the heart.

A war in which we are dividing ourselves into camps adorned with labels that only serve to limit our enormous creative potential

A battle of information—who is right? Who has the solution? Who can fix the problem? 

I have news for you. And it is something you already know...in your heart. 

A vaccine is not going to fix the “problem.” A new president is not going to fix the “problem.” Creating a dystopian “new normal” is not going to fix the “problem” either. None of these so-called solutions address the underlying issue that is creating our “problem." We have to get to the root of the problem, amend the soil and start over.

There is no political, religious, or medical fix within our current system that can be anything more than a temporary solution or superficial bandaid to our collective woes and which inevitably creates more unforeseen problems to try and control. Always someone wins and someone loses. Think about the explosion of unemployment and the evolving mental health crisis as we socially distance and isolate...or how when we spray the pesky mosquitos in our yards we are also killing the beneficial bees too…and on and on and on. 

Everything is connected and this truth is in our faces now about as clear and visible as it is ever going to be. Can you see it? Can you feel it? 

I certainly can. 

So what can we do? What can any of us do?

Hawthorn is reminding me of my courageous and loving heart, the source of my connection to All That Is and bringing to light the internal battle we are all waging—and the one which is being reflected equally in our external world.

Can we let go of our labels that divide us? Can we let go of the continual judgement of who and what is right/wrong or good/bad? And mostly can we let go of the notion that something outside of ourselves is going to fix us, save us?

These notions are only manacles shackling us to unworthiness and separation, keeping us stuck in victim mode, pointing at the perpetrators of our pain and waiting for rescuers to show up. These are the deeply held beliefs and the self-imposed systems and structures that no longer serve and that we alone have the power to transform

The question is, can we? 

My heart says we can! 

But it is scary nonetheless! 

Being here, feeling all the hard feelings, witnessing all the crap, sitting with the stench and letting it all be, letting it break apart and compost, until there's something new and beautiful springing forth is extremely uncomfortable for us humans—yet our Plant Spirit friends are showing us how to do this every single day, through all the seasons and without judgement.

Such is the wisdom and intelligence of Nature—the only system that makes any sense at all to me.

And so, with each sharp and painful trigger we witness, Hawthorn is asking us to evaluate our reaction and what deeply held beliefs, programming and fears are being poked—because the understanding and forgiving of those fears is what supports us to move through them rather than allowing them to be in charge of our individual and collective life choices.

Hawthorn is a great warrior spirit, a bridger of the seen and the unseen, a plant long associated with death and of new life—for you can’t have one without the other.

In my own life I am witnessing family structures falling apart. Try as I might to hold on to the routines that were once the backbone holding us all together—family dinners, regular movie nights, school days—and so on, along with the sense of time itself, seem to be fading away into distant memories. 

I was reactive at first. Fearful of what was being lost. I tried to exert and maintain control but it only led to resistance and dissonance and so slowly I have been letting go. Allowing the flow of our days to become something unrecognizable, not good or bad, just different.

That doesn’t mean the continued desire to control has disappeared, but the illusion of its importance is fading as I learn to recognize when my ego is trying to assert itself over the wisdom of my heart and soul—the wisdom that Nature and my garden have been helping me remember for so many years.

So perhaps for the first time in my life, I am actually putting my own needs first, mothering myself. I am returning to my body. Asking myself what do I need? How do I feel right now, in this moment? Simplifying. I am listening to my heart and loving my body on a whole new level and knowing that this inner work is absolutely the most powerful way that I can help the whole. Perhaps the only way?

Our bodies, and most especially our hearts, are the gateways to our individual and collective healing/wholing journey. 

You’ve heard it a million times...YOU are the person you are waiting for and NOW is the time to really listen to this wisdom.

Listen to your heart. Follow your heart and tell your head (and ego) to take a backseat!

Discomfort inspires change. Embracing, loving and tending the garden of my unique body, mind and soul is the medicine that is easing this letting go, this transition. And truly, this is the only thing I, or any of us, have any control over at all. 

And the further within I go, the deeper I go, and the darker it gets, the more stars I discover, galaxies and endless space in fact, all within myself. The more I dive into what is unconscious within me the more I grow.

What I thought was so scary is turning out to be liberating. 

It’s okay to release the old reality, the old paradigm. One heart at a time.

“You are safe,” says Hawthorn. “ You have always been safe, you cannot be harmed and you are deeply, steadfastly protected.”

Hawthorn's lessons are not easy, you will be sorely tested—we are being sorely tested—but I know without a doubt, as we connect with our hearts and remember ourselves whole and interconnected, unified with all that is, we will no longer perpetuate or tolerate the pain of separation. 

We will no longer fear diversity, and instead we will embrace it, coming together in all of our diverse glory. CONSCIOUSLY choosing love and freedom from what no longer serves so that we all can live within a vastness we’ve only dreamed of. 

The problem all along is that we’ve been searching for that expansive unconditional love outside of ourselves. And right now, as we stare the most unspeakable darkness and evil and hate right in the eyes, the most courageous thing we can do is dive deep into our own self healing and take responsibility for ourselves in a way that allows us to live in grace, connected to Source and remembering that there is no separation.

The answer then to our collective problem is a spiritual one and what that looks like is unique to each heart and soul.

Unity within our Divine diversity.

For some it may be taking bold action and for some it may be walking that line of deep spiritual self-exploration, that line that leaves you feeling like you might be crazy and actually losing your grip on reality… but isn’t that where this all started? 

Courageously letting go of a reality that is no longer working, to make way for one that is waiting to be conceived, one that is just on the other side of our deepest fears. 

Dig deeper with Hawthorn (COURAGE) here.

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Julie Bond Genovese
Julie Bond Genovese

June 08, 2020

So beautifully stated! This truly is a time of deep shift from head to heart, from separation back to unity – with each other, with Earth and the cosmos. I’m in!

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